Dr Jason is friendly and knowledgeable. He’s very thorough and takes his time in treating my various issues. He recently helped me with a foot pain using an Erchonia laser tool. I’m ecstatic to be out of pain and walk normally again. I highly recommend him!

Anne J.

Always so friendly and Dr. takes time with you.


Always a great experience! Dr. Langhough always works with the problems I have and has successfully fixed each and every one in a timely manner.

Shawn H.

Pleasant experience, 1st time visit with new Doctor!

Mylissa R.

Very professional great atmosphere always does a great job

Mitchell W.

Dr T has been taking care of my low back and neck pain for 2 years now. I suffer from Mixed Connective Disease, scoliosis and post fracture of pelvis and without my spine adjustments I don’t think I could work full time as a nurse. I am so grateful to Dr T and Wendy for always being there for me.

A very blessed patient

Karen R.

Very thorough exam and adjustments. The staff is very friendly and make it easy to get prompt appointments. I would highly recommend this practice to my friends and family.

Serena S.

Great doc with right kind of spirit !!

John W.

I started seeing Dr. L after a visit to the ER, where the drs couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. That was about two months ago, and I am feeling so much better now.

Dr. L is very attentive. His approach is a bit different than other chiropractors I’ve seen in the past, and it works!!!

It is aways a pleasure to walk in the door and be greeted by Wendy, she knows how to make you feel welcome and comfortable!

I highly recommend them!

Revi B.

Very detailed consultation. The adjustment greatly improved my vision and balance. Absolutly amazing.

Braden S.

Dr Jason took the time to explain what he was doing and why. Very calming like Dr T!

Frank M.

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Albert H.

Anyone that has a problem with a joint whether it be a shoulder, knee, ankle or wrist should try laser treatment for healing and pain management. My right shoulder had been painful for many years. The mobility was so bad I couldn’t lift my elbow over 6-8 inches away from my body. I had rotator cuff surgery on my other shoulder and was preparing to see a surgeon for my right shoulder. At my chiropractors suggestion I tried the laser, after the first treatment the pain was somewhat less. Then after a series of treatments I have full mobility in that shoulder and can raise my hand/arm straight up above my head. I don’t intend to have surgery on that shoulder now. If it gets painful again (which it hasn’t) I would try laser again. I don’t know how or why it works but I love the increased mobility and lack of pain.

Sheila S.

In late December of 2011 I was in a rear end collision that left me with severe back pain. My personal doctor was unable to offer anything but a page of exercises. Dr. T’s concern for the pain and quality of my life was inspiring. He immediately arranged for treatment with the auto insurance. Your medical expertise is a real gift to your patience and those like myself who doubted the end result. I feel great!


“As patients of many years we have relied on Dr. T. to help us achieve good health and quality of life. Any time we had an issue, from neck and shoulders to lower back, Dr. T. knew just what to do to restore our comfort and range of motion. This included a full recovery from two auto accidents. Every visit is like a visit with old friends. When we recently moved out of state, we chose to make the three- hour return trip because of the trust we had and the results we can always count on. Thanks Dr. Theriault, thanks Wendy.”

The Wright Family

My name is Joyce, about a year ago I could hardly walk or go up stairs. I made an appointment with an orthopedic doctor. He said I would need shots in my back or possible surgery. My son, Tom, was going to see Dr. Mark and he said “mom give him a try maybe he can help you like he’s helped me.” Within a few months he had me walking and doing steps without pain. He is now working on my shoulders which are both torn to pieces. They are getting better through his help. Not only is he a good chiropractor but a great human being. If he can help me he can help you also. I look forward to my visits with Dr. Mark and becoming my old self again.
Joyce F.

I have been very happy with my treatments at Denver Chiropractic & Laser Therapy Center and the wide array of services it offers. From state of the art adjustments to dietary supplements and aids to healthy eating, the practice has vastly improved my quality of life. The practice offers scientific body scans to target nutritional needs as well as orthotics for better posture and even tektities for EMF protection. Dr. T is always on the lookout for new services and advances in his field to improve the health of his patients. Time spent at Denver Chiropractic & Laser Therapy Center is time well spent.

Paul M.

**Five years ago I started seeing Dr. Mark for neck and back problems. He introduced me to the ProAdjuster. This machine is amazing! With a quick scan over each vertebra of the spine the machine shows a read out on the screen and if there are any problem areas Dr. Mark will adjust those areas. Also, I had sinus and allergy problems that over the years of treatment have gotten better. My most recent issue that Dr. Mark has helped me with is TMJ. I have always been told by my dentist that I have TMJ. It never really bothered me that much until this past September (2011) when my right jaw locked up on me. I couldn’t open or close my mouth. At first I thought it was maybe an infection so I went to my medical Doctor. There was no infection. Then after a few days, I went to my dentist and he gave me muscle relaxers and told me it would take time to open up. After a week, I was at Dr. Mark’s for my maintenance checkup and I told him about my TMJ. He immediately checked out my jaw movement and did some adjusting with the ProAdjuster. Then he put on a rubber glove and manually worked on my jaw. Massaging the muscles in my jaw is what it has taken to get it working again. This is what it took to make it better. Going once a week for several weeks and now I only have to go every 3 weeks. TMJ is something I will have to live with for the rest of my life, but with Dr. Mark’s help, I can control the pain.

Donna W.

**I was in an accident at a young age and have been receiving chiropractic care ever since. When I moved to Denver in August 2011, I began seeing Dr. T. Being only 23 years old and working as an RN while suffering from chronic pain was very difficult. By seeing Dr. T and receiving adjustments either manually or with his Pro Adjuster and partaking in all the therapies he offers in his office, my pain has been managed, migraines have become much less frequent, stress levels have decreased and in turn my quality of life has greatly increased! Dr. T is very caring and treats his patients from a holistic standpoint doing all he can to ensure their greatest degree of health. I am so grateful to have found a chiropractor such as him!

Emilee B.

**I started bringing my son, Jonas, who is 10 months old to Dr. Theriault in late January for recurrent ear infections and congestion. I was tired of giving him antibiotics especially since they weren’t working. I knew if the ear infections continued to recur there would be a possibility of having tubes put in his ears, which can cause permanent hearing loss. During the first visit Jonas warmed up to Dr. T immediately. I was a little nervous as to how he would react to the ProAdjuster but Dr. T let him play with it and then showed him how it worked. Jonas thought it was fun and let Dr. T adjust him without any hesitation. Now when I bring him in he knows the routine and gets so excited. It took a few sessions to really see a difference and he has yet to be diagnosed with another ear infection. His congestion has also cleared up and a recent cold only lasted a few days instead of the usual ten days. Jonas is now taking longer naps and sleeping through the night except for a feeding or two. We are both very happy and satisfied with the results and the affordable cost of treatment at Denver Chiropractic & Laser Therapy Center. I would recommend Dr. T to anyone!

Nicole and Jonas M.

**I started seeing Dr. T in mid August because of severe neck pain. I also mentioned that I had been having problems with my arms for a couple of years. I really didn’t think that the arm problem was a chiropractic concern, it had been diagnosed as tennis elbow and I had received several cortisone injections. After just a few treatments I started to notice that my neck pain was decreasing and also my arms (elbows) were not hurting as much. Dr. T told me it would probably take a couple of months of treatment, but he was confident he could fix it.
In just about two months and I no longer had pain in the neck area, my arms don’t ache and I am able to do things I haven’t been able to do in a long time. Just making the bed would hurt so bad I would get my husband to do it. Now I am able to do that with no pain. Also I can lift things again. I am very pleased with my progress and would recommend Dr. T to anyone who is living with pain.

Jill H.

***My husband and I started coming to Dr. T summer of 2011 and have seen amazing results! My husband has had back surgery and been in several car accidents and has had major flare ups with back pain. After he started treatment, he has noticed less and less back pain. He would have pain so bad that he could not get out of bed. He has not had an episode that bad since he started treatment. I have had severe migraines and shoulder pain since I was a child. I started treatment and started taking suppliments after I had a Custom Nutritional Analysis through Zyto. All I can say is “WOW!” I have not had one migraine since beginning treatment and my shoulder pain is gone. I also noticed how much better I sleep. We love Dr. T and Wendy and will never go to another chiropractor! Thank you Dr. T and Wendy!

Sincerely, Kim and Chad R.

**How do I appreciate thee, Dr. Mark Theriault? Let me count the ways:

1) You are compassionate. On a Friday evening, one week from my only daughter’s wedding in California, my back “went out”. I was in so much pain that I could not sit, stand or sleep. I knew I would not be able to negotiate an airport, much less sit on a plane for five to six hours. In a panic, on Monday morning, I called my neighbor Wendy, who works for you, and you made room in your schedule that very day. Astoundingly, I went from misery to pain-free in one visit. You saw me three days in a row, and I not only got on that plane, but I danced at my daughter’s wedding! For this alone, I am eternally grateful.
2. You are humble and caring. How do I know this? Because you listen. One of the therapies for back pain is electrical muscle stimulation to relax the muscles. Because I suffer from systemic lupus which causes me nearly constant migratory joint pains and very tender muscles, this electrical stimulation causes me to tense up rather than to relax. You believed me and therefore don’t use that therapy. When I’m feeling especially tender on a given day, you use a gentler touch. Humility allows your approach to be driven by your patient’s needs.
3. You are knowledgeable. Over the course of visits, we talked not only about the cause of my back pain,scoliosis, but also how some of my medications and supplements might be more problematic than helpful. Wise man that you are, however, you asked me to research the side effects of my medications on my own and also listed for me what problem ingredients to watch for in the supplements I was taking. I learned that medication side effects and undesirable ingredients in some supplements were causing more problems than they were helping. Changing these has greatly diminished my hot flashes and night sweats as well as migratory upper abdominal pains.
4. You have got the touch. You feel the malalignments in my spine and know just how much of a manual adjustment to make. Sometimes it is just a little bit and other times it is more aggressive, but every time it is just what I need.
5. You have the right tools for the job. The amazing ProAdjustor is said to bring science to chiropractic. It measures the electrical output of the spinal nerves, and my first ProAdjustor readings for nerve irritation at each vertebra were nearly off the charts. It is also used as an adjustment tool. I liken it to an upward jackhammer type of action, which when applied to the vertebrae, gently lifts them off the pinched nerves providing much needed relief. I believe this went a long way in making me pain-free at the first visit.
6. You have me going in the right direction. Rather than continuing the shot-gun approach I had taken for years in the area of nutritional supplements, through Zyto technology you have me now taking only what my particular body needs at a particular time. Zyto technology uses subtle electrical stimulation and biofeedback to determine what areas are abnormal and what particular suppliments I need and how much. After a period of time, we retest and readjust. I no longer have to guess.

Over the past three months, I’ve had my ups and downs (the body is mechanical after all), but the improvement continues. I have so much more energy. I now sleep at night without the use of sleep aids. I no longer wake at night with my neck, back or hips screaming in pain. I realize that because of the scoliosis I may not ever be 100%, but through you I am capable of being the best that I can be.

So, Dr. Mark, I thank you for your care and compassion for people in pain. Thank you for the humility that puts people at ease in your presence. Thank you for using the technological advances that provide greater insight into what is going on in the body. Thank you for your natural therapies that nourish and heal. The body has a great capacity to heal itself if we give it what it needs to do so. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you. God bless you abundantly!


Fran S.

***A Pain and Spine Doctor in Huntersville, NC sent me to Dr. T a little over a year ago. Several vertebrae in my neck were severely degenerated from a whiplash 40 years ago and I lived with constant nerve and muscle pain. Because of my long standing health problems with Lyme’s Disease, I had few treatment options and was very concerned about the future quality of my life.Today, because of Dr.T’s treatments and adjustments, I find myself with only a minimal amount of pain most of the time and lately have had days when I was pain free. God has used Dr.T’s expertise and concern to give me my life back. It’s such a blessing to be able to spend an evening enjoying a good book instead of pacing the floor because of unbearable pain. Give your body and Dr.T time. Don’t quit your treatments. I know he can help anyone who will stick with him for the long haul. In my book, Dr.T is the greatest! Marcia L.